Affordable personal hygiene solution

GEM® Black Neem Tooth Powder

GEM® Black Neem Tooth Powder is a charcoal based oral hygiene product. The tooth powder is made from powdered husk, which is mixed with high quality oral hygiene chemicals such as peppermint oil, menthol, cinnamon oil and synthetic camphor. GEM® tooth powder is meant to serve as an affordable dental cleaning solution for every budget minded person.

GEM® Handwash

GEM® Handwash is an affordable liquid soap. The SLES based product cleans, foams and contains anti-bacterial ingredients. With PH 5.5, it is also comfortable and soothing for hands.

GEM® Dishwash

GEM® Dishwash is an affordable and high-quality dishwashing liquid. It contains multiple cleaning chemicals such as SLES, Metasilicate and Borax. The liquid cuts through grease easily. It is soft for hands and comfortable for washing dishes.

GEM® Synthetic Detergent Powder

GEM® synthetic detergent powder is a highly effective laundry detergent. The detergent cleans clothes and removes persistent spots. Key ingredients include LABSA, Metasilicate, CMC, Perborate and Borax among others. All are important ingredients to keep the clothes clean and shiny. The detergent powder is effective against dirt, soft for fabric comfortable for hands.


Arman Chemical Industries Ltd produces affordable hygiene products for everyday use. It started its journey in 1953 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It introduced GEM® fountain pen ink, which revolutionized ink industry in Chittagong. Gradually, the company has branched out to tooth powder, liquid soap and detergent market. The company markets its products under its popular brand name GEM®. Students must pass a written departmental examination and present a portfolio of their work.